What is HR?

HR is a specialization of MBA. The full form of HR is a Human Resource. The HR department is responsible for managing the employee. The main work of HR is hiring, recruiting, training and update policies, etc.

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Responsibilities of HR

There are many responsibilities of HR. In this blog we mention the following responsibilities of HR:

1. Hiring the right candidate:

The responsibilities of HR are organizing the interviews, onboarding new candidates or employees, and coordinating hiring efforts. Also, they ensure that all the paperwork of the candidate is completed as a candidate mention in their resume. They ensure that the selected candidate profile is matched with their company’s requirements.

2. Policy Updation:

The second responsibility of HR is, at the end of the year they have to update company policy. They suggest changing the policies. The HR policies are communicated to all the employees of companies so all employees follow their policies. Also during the time of making policies, they should take advice from all the employees of the company.

3. Recruit candidate:

During the time of recruiting, HR must need to know the organization's requirements and make sure that the candidate they choose for the position must full fill the requirement of the company. e.g, if companies need fresher PHP developer then HR responsibilities that the candidates have proper knowledge of PHP language and they are fresher’s.

The work of HR is not easy, many times companies deal with consultancy which hires candidates according to companies' requirements.

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